Direct Interactive Instruction: Gradual Release

I was introduced to Direct Interactive Instruction by my district and I have put my own little twist to it. Direct Interactive Instruction, or DII, has many different components, but I would like to focus on the Classroom Management portion that has changed my way of teaching.

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DII has a special lesson sequence. The first step is called “I Do”. This is where the teacher is modeling and giving direct instruction.

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The expectation in my classroom is that the students are quiet and are carefully listening. I also expect that they wait to ask their questions at the end of my lesson.

The second step is “We Do”. This is where the teacher starts to gradually release some of the responsibility and let the students start to participate.

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This is when I allow the students to interact with me. We can do “callbacks”, repeat after me, or shout out answers. I also take any questions that they had about the lesson. During formal seat work, we are working on the worksheet as a group. We are staying together as a class and no one is working ahead.

The third step is optional, but very powerful, I renamed it “Team Do”. That is where the students are working together to accomplish the task at hand.

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I usually use this step when I know the students are capable of the work. I might use this step a few weeks into a unit so that they are learning from each other.

The last step is “You Do”. This step is when the students get to do independent work.

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The expectations I have in my classroom during this time is that we are quietly working and staying on task. I want to see what they have learned and they know. I usually do this step at the end of a large unit when I know that we have done the task multiple times in many different ways.

The most important part about this strategy is that you are verbally saying “I Do, We Do, Team Do, or You Do” so that the students are aware of your expectations for the lesson.

Also, you should be representing it visually. I have created a really cute poster to place in the front of your classroom and use. I use it everyday, throughout the entire day. I printed out a finger and put a magnet on the back of it so that I can slide it to the correct position.

IMG_2267 2

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When you download it, share a picture in the comments to show us how you decorated it! I can’t wait to see what all you creative teachers do to it!