FREEBIE: Inequalities with Alligators

Hello Everyone!!

I am excited to announce that I have an entire unit on TpT for FREE! The unit is my Inequality Unit with Alligators.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 6.15.20 PM

I am using this unit in my class as a supplement to our first unit in math. My first unit is math is all about numbers and counting. Near the end of the unit we discuss how to compare numbers. I thought I needed some extra supplemental work to go along with my EnVision lesson.

During my Master’s Program I wrote an Action Research report about how to make learning fun for students. One lesson I worked on was this one. I made popsicle alligators, painted them green, glued google eyes on them, and finished them off with teeth! The kids absolutely loved them!! I bust those bad boys out when I teach this unit. These ones are not mine, but here is an example of what I am talking about. They are better than mine because they say “less than” and “greater than”. I will be adding that to mine ASAP.


I love making anchor charts and I have included anchor chart example in my TpT FREEBIE. Here are the posters I made for my classroom.


I start off with this anchor chart because I like to make up a story about the hungry alligator eating fish. I put little fish by the numbers like touch math. You could make it anything you want!! Think about your class and something they love, maybe pizza, cookies, or hamburgers.


Then I use this poster to talk about how and when we say “greater than” and “less than”.


This is how I post the standards in my class. It’s a tight fit, but the job gets done šŸ™‚

Please go to my TpT store and grab this FREEBIE!! Don’t forget to follow me on my blog and TpT store so you can get the latest updates and FREEBIES. Also, please leave me some comments and tell me about how the lesson went in your class. I would love to hear what worked and what didn’t work.