Monthly Homework Packs

Hi Fellow Teachers!!

I wanted to share with you my amazing homework packets. I worked all summer perfecting them and I am so excited to share them with you. Here are the what the calendars look like for each month!

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I have created monthly homework packets for August-May.

The best way to implement this homework plan is to send home the pre made Parent Letter. It is in the August file. It explains everything that is expected. I suggest sending home the letter and then discussing it at your Back to School Night.

The month of AUGUST is FREE!! So download it now and get that parent letter.

Also, the homework makes it clear what should be completed each night. I send home one week’s worth of work each week. I grade the homework on Friday and then send home the next week’s work.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.18.31 PM

In order to create the homework, I roughly estimated the typical weeks we have in each month. August has two weeks of work to get those kiddos started on homework lightly as we get to know each other. November and December have work during holidays, but it’s simple and engaging. I included plenty of weeks and sometimes in my class if it is a holiday week, I make the homework optional by writing “optional” in the blank space provided under the Week Number.

All of the activities are based on First Grade Common Core Standards. I repeat activities, but each time they are repeated, I increase the difficulty level. The best thing about this homework is that you can Differentiate it. You can easily use this homework for a Kinder student who is performing above grade level or use it for a Second Grade student who needs to review the basics again.

Another thing about my homework is that you can tailor it to your needs. I provide a blank Math Calendar for you to write in what you would like to students to do. My school provides us with EnVision math workbooks so I write in the pages I would like my students to do each night of the week.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.30.58 PM

The homework varies from math, language arts, and science. Each week I keep it fresh and change it up. I never want the students doing the same thing each week. Math activities range from addition, subtraction, shapes, to even writing their own math stories. Language Arts activities vary from phonics, sight words, informational text, to even writing their own creative stories. Science activities are in a Language Arts format with informational writing or reading.

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The Water Tank

After clearing all the ugly brush, you are required to install a water tank. The water tank is crucial during construction because it is a safety measure and you need water for various projects like tractor work or concrete. We installed our water tank with the help of our friend J.T. He was a great help and was able to help my father and husband get the 1,500 pound empty water tank on the water tank pad.


My husband and father prepped a pad for the water tank prior to use moving the water tank in its spot. The morning we loaded up the water tank on the trailer it was sunny and hot. My father had the water tank delivered to his house earlier in the week. So the first job was to load the water tank on my dad’s trailer.


This photo does not do what we did any justice. My dad laid out large beams and soaped them down. Yep.. that’s right. He rubbed the beams with a stick of soap. Then all four of use pushed the tank up the beams and onto the tailer. It took about 45 minutes to get it up on the trailer like this.

We then drove the water tank over to our property. My parents only live about 2 miles away from the property. We are within a gated community with dirt roads. So transportation over to the property was safe and slow.


Here is my dad backing the water tank down the driveway. It is days like this one that remind me how crazy my father is. Nothing will stop him from achieving his goal.




There’s our buddy J.T. figuring out the best way to get the 1,500 pound tank off the trailer and onto the pad. The pad is behind the rock.


The system we used to get the water tank on the pad was to have it resting on the soaped up beam and twisting the tank around in a circle. The tank now sits on its pad and is filled  with water. We used water from my parents house while we wait to have a well installed.




Building Our Dream Home


My husband and I decided to build our very own house! That’s right! BUILD OUR OWN HOUSE. Now I am no stranger to the process of building a house because I was lucky enough to have a father and mother who built all three homes that I have lived in. As for my husband though, he has never taken on such a large project. I feel like we are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

When I say build our own house, I am not talking about hiring an architect, contractors, handy men, or any other type of hired help. I mean that my father and mother will be teaching my husband and I how to build our house with our very own hands! My parents have never hired outside help and have hammered in every last nail on their own.

I was raised in a home where a father knew how to fix everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I have never been on the phone to call the plumber, or roofer, or electrician. I simply thought that people everywhere knew how to fix everything. As I grew  up I realized that this was not the norm. I had no idea that my father was so talented and patient. Repairing and maintaining homes is a lot of work. Also, building a home from the ground up is a lot of work.

I want to share some photographs I took of our land. The land is just under 3 acres. When we bought the land it was covered by creosol. Creosol is a very flammable, ugly bush. When I took these photos my husband and father had already spent 5 months clearing brush. So what you will see is a nice piece of land that has been cleaned up.