Building Our Dream Home


My husband and I decided to build our very own house! That’s right! BUILD OUR OWN HOUSE. Now I am no stranger to the process of building a house because I was lucky enough to have a father and mother who built all three homes that I have lived in. As for my husband though, he has never taken on such a large project. I feel like we are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

When I say build our own house, I am not talking about hiring an architect, contractors, handy men, or any other type of hired help. I mean that my father and mother will be teaching my husband and I how to build our house with our very own hands! My parents have never hired outside help and have hammered in every last nail on their own.

I was raised in a home where a father knew how to fix everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I have never been on the phone to call the plumber, or roofer, or electrician. I simply thought that people everywhere knew how to fix everything. As I grew  up I realized that this was not the norm. I had no idea that my father was so talented and patient. Repairing and maintaining homes is a lot of work. Also, building a home from the ground up is a lot of work.

I want to share some photographs I took of our land. The land is just under 3 acres. When we bought the land it was covered by creosol. Creosol is a very flammable, ugly bush. When I took these photos my husband and father had already spent 5 months clearing brush. So what you will see is a nice piece of land that has been cleaned up.













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