The Water Tank

After clearing all the ugly brush, you are required to install a water tank. The water tank is crucial during construction because it is a safety measure and you need water for various projects like tractor work or concrete. We installed our water tank with the help of our friend J.T. He was a great help and was able to help my father and husband get the 1,500 pound empty water tank on the water tank pad.


My husband and father prepped a pad for the water tank prior to use moving the water tank in its spot. The morning we loaded up the water tank on the trailer it was sunny and hot. My father had the water tank delivered to his house earlier in the week. So the first job was to load the water tank on my dad’s trailer.


This photo does not do what we did any justice. My dad laid out large beams and soaped them down. Yep.. that’s right. He rubbed the beams with a stick of soap. Then all four of use pushed the tank up the beams and onto the tailer. It took about 45 minutes to get it up on the trailer like this.

We then drove the water tank over to our property. My parents only live about 2 miles away from the property. We are within a gated community with dirt roads. So transportation over to the property was safe and slow.


Here is my dad backing the water tank down the driveway. It is days like this one that remind me how crazy my father is. Nothing will stop him from achieving his goal.




There’s our buddy J.T. figuring out the best way to get the 1,500 pound tank off the trailer and onto the pad. The pad is behind the rock.


The system we used to get the water tank on the pad was to have it resting on the soaped up beam and twisting the tank around in a circle. The tank now sits on its pad and is filled  with water. We used water from my parents house while we wait to have a well installed.





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