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Welcome to my site. Just to catch you up, my husband and I are building our own house with the guidance of my father and mother. We do not hire help and we do everything with our two hands.

Before we started building the actual house, we had to get a water tank in place and we also needed a storage shed. The storage shed makes the building process go a lot smoother because it allows us to keep the supplies we need on hand. Without the shed we would have to pack up the truck with tools every morning before we even started work. This would be  way to time consuming.

Building a shed was also a great introduction of basic framing for my husband too. He had never framed anything before, so my dad was able to explain a lot to him. For me, I was able to learn the math behind framing because I already know how to do the grunt work, I just too young to before to understand what we doing.

When building a shed the first step is make everything square. This means a lot of math and measurement before the fun building. First we had to take the concrete bases and put them in the correct spot. This can be frustrating because it needs to be precise. If your base is off, it will cause major problems later on and you will not have a square building. Squaring the shed was left to my father and mother. We watched them work and listened to their logic. Once the bases are in place you have to secure them with some studs. After they are secured you can then move onto creating a floor.


Here is my husband and dad taking a break after squaring the bases, securing them and building the floor. This was about a half of days work. 20150802_154450.jpg

The next step is to frame! Framing is so much fun and it is so exciting because you can start to see what your finish product will look like. Framing is like the skeleton of the structure. They hold the entire place together. I surprised my husband when my dad started throwing out boards and I started to lie them in place to prepare them for nailing. When my dad started working I just fell right into place because I remembered doing it when I was 14. My dad took the time to teach me how to measure where each stud should go and explained the entire process to my husband. That way when we get to framing the house we can all just start working.

Unfortunately, I did not get a good picture of just the framing. If you look closely though, you will see the framing behind Matt and on the side of him. I did get an image of the next step though, which is sheer paneling the outside. Sheer paneling has two purposes. The first purpose is that it makes the structure sturdy. The second purpose is that when you use lap siding, the lap siding will lay flat against the structure and will not bow.


After sheer paneling, the next step is to build the roof. I do not do roofing. My father has never allowed me to and I am not interested in working up that high either. Here is the shed after my husband and dad added the roof and a door.


The next job, is to add all the lap siding. My dad has become more creative over the years and makes things more visually appealing now. So in the front we have one piece vertical siding. The rest of the shed will be single slats going horizontal.


Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 8.10.23 AM.png

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Here is the completed shed. It holds our tools and building materials. I picked out the color! I wanted to go for like a pistachio ice cream color. When I actually bought the bought the paint I ended up buying a paint color called Springfield and for those of you who know me well, you know that this was the perfect color!! I am a huge Simpsons fan so to have my house painted Springfield makes me very happy.


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