The Forms


We are finally getting to the really exciting stuff! It is exciting because you can start to see the house take shape. Just to recap, my father, husband, and friend JT dug the footings to the house. As for me, I did little jobs and I shovel out the loose dirt. Here is another picture of what that process looked liked. We had to square the house with batten boxes and then dig 18 inch deep trenches. You can see in the picture my husband jack hammering the back corner of the garage. FullSizeRender.jpg


Once the trenches were complete, my dad had to measure and cut out forms. Now in order to save some time and money, he cut the forms to match the measurements of the stairwell. So if we want to later down the line, we could use these boards for the stairs. My dad and husband cut the boards at home and then we took them over to the property. The boards are called forms. They are called that because they are going to hold the concrete in place and form the foundation. Once we got them to the property, my mom and dad had to figure out where our level spot was. We are building the entire house off of the front corner of the living room. We had to find a level spot because we are doing a raised foundation. Each step you are going to see in the forms is where will drop height with concrete. My parents bought a laser to help us measure the forms. I am holding the laser in the picture and we are finding out whether the forms are level with our corner in the front of the house or not.




Here you can see my dad in the trenches checking out measurements with the batten boxes. You can also see a large black pipe in the photo, that is going to be the dirty water pipe for the septic system.


The forms are lot of work because you have to hold them in place while you secure them. You must also have exact measurements. So if something slips or falls you have to start all over again. Also, the ground is very hard and it is a lot of work to drive in the steaks that hold the forms. In this image you can see JT measuring the form and making sure it is level.


Now you can start to see the outline of the house!! To the left is the main living area. To the right is the garage.





My dad made this cute little sign a long time ago. He was so excited when we decided to take on this project and this was his way of showing his excitement.