The Rebar

Once all the forms were in place it was time to attach the rebar. Rebar is a long medal rod. Here is what I found on a quick google search of rebar.Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 1.21.57 PM

So the whole point of adding rebar into the footings is to ensure that the concrete will be reinforced. The amount of rebar we were required to install into the footings was a lot! The house will not being going anywhere anytime soon!



Installing the rebar only took my father and husband one weekend. My mom and I didn’t help with this part because it went by so fast. By the time we can by it was already done. The rebar is “floating” in the footings and is not touching the ground. It is being held up by wire that is connected to the footings. The medal rods you see sticking straight up will go through the cinder blocks that will be making up the foundation. 20151115_103233.jpg20151115_145453.jpg20151115_103219IMG_0619

Here is Matt, my husband, standing in the living room of the house with all the rebar completed. When we pour concrete the rebar will be inside of the concrete and the long rods will be sticking out of the concrete.