The Concrete

Hi Again!

We have been in full swing construction since September and every week we make more and more progress. When my father and husband finished installing the rebar in one weekend we had to have the inspector out. This means that somebody from the county had to come check out work. Having the inspector out can be very stressful. They are the person who will tell you that you may move on or that you need to stop, redo what you did, and then have me back out to check. We had our inspection the week before Thanksgiving. It was important to pass because we all had time off to dedicate a lot of work on the house that weekend.

My husband and mother met with the inspector and thankfully he was very happy with what he saw! So we were given the okay to continue working. The weekend of Thanksgiving wasn’t really even Thanksgiving all….we had to pour concrete.

Here was the FIRST official pour of the house!!!

FullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 2.jpg

Before we even got to pour the first batch of cement, we had to mix our own concrete. This is what the two main ingredients of concrete look like. There is 2 parts sand, 3 parts gravel, and 1 part concrete.


Here is almost everyone hard at work. My husband’s brother and father came to work. In order to make the concrete you have to measure out the 3 parts in buckets. You have to do this for each load. A whole load of concrete is really not that much either.At least this time my dad purchased an electric mixer….it is the orange wheel barrow in the left corner.



Here is what the wet concrete looks like while it is setting up in the forms. 20151127_143423


Here is my dad smoothing the concrete out. This step gets the bubbles out of the wet concrete and smooths the top layer. IMG_242220151127_143423IMG_2424


Here you can see that the out cove is poured and the front part of the house. 20151130_08034420151127_143410

Pouring concrete is labor intensive and physically draining, but when you see the finish product it is very rewarding.