Pulling Forms

When watching from afar, one would think….”Oh, pulling forms… what an easy job.” When you watch someone pull forms you don’t understand why they make it look so hard. All you have to do is take the wood off of they concrete.

This statement is WRONG! I was so wrong about the effort, strength, and dedication it takes to pull forms. As I watched my mom huff and puff, I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for her. In my mind, all she needed to do was put a little muscle into it and give it a little more effort. So, one day I decided, I am not going to help set up for blocks, I am going to help my mom pull forms so we can move on with our project. I was in for a rude awakening.

Pulling forms has been the hardest task so far. Also, from my experience working with my father, I think it is the hardest job of the entire project. As I started to help my mom, I got all my tools ready. In order to pull forms you need a sledge hammer, shovel, crow bar, and a mini shovel. I got all my tools set up and started to get to work on something that would take me one weekend to complete. Boy was I in over my head.

The first form I took out took me about an hour. First you have to loosen the dirt around the form. Then you have to separate the wood from the concrete with the crow bar. This can be quite difficult. Then you have to start to loosen the form and be mindful of the concrete because you do not want to crack it or chip it. The worse part is that not all the forms are one piece of wood down. Most of the forms are two pieces of wood deep. SO if you break the nail holding it together you have to get on your hands and knees and dig out the bottom form.The hardest part is breaking the form free from the dirt and the concrete. This takes an incredibly amount of strength and persistence.


Here is a picture of me loosening the dirt from the form. Even just looking at the picture, I still think, “What’s so hard? All you have to do is pull them off.” It is so much harder than it appears. 20151219_112321


Here is a picture of mom loosening the bottom form. As you can see we took the top form out, but many of the forms were two pieces of wood deep.



In the back you can see I am using the shovel to loosen the form. My shovel is under the wood and I am trying to break it free.


We had to do this around the entire house. Every form you saw in the blog post about The Forms, had to be taken out. If you fail to remove them properly you can leave yourself susceptible to termites in the future. Every piece of wood you see below was removed!



The Concrete Part 2

Progress on the house has been coming along great! Concrete work is intense work, but the payoff is worth it. At this point you can see the entire outline of the house. It is so amazing to think that not to long from now, I will be cooking, reading, and relaxing in this space! Here are some more photos of all our hard work.