The Foundation


Block work is so time consuming!

It’s hard to believe that we laid so many blocks in such a short amount of time. We started working on the blocks on New Year’s Day. We worked on the blocks nearly every weekend after that and we finished them in early February.

Here is one, small pile of bricks. My husband and father would buy a pallet each time we went to Home Depot. We bought a lot of pallets!!



We started lying brick in the middle of the house. This corner is the kitchen and the garage. Setting this corner was very important because it affects the rest of the foundation. This was a more time consuming day because there was a lot of measuring and double checking. Here is my dad working on the corner. 20151226_132106

Here is my husband and his father moving towards the front of the house.


Once the corner was set, I felt more comfortable getting to work. Her is my dad and I laying brick. Lying brick is a precise job. Each brick has to be leveled. If you look to the left of the picture you see a tall stick. This tall stick has a measuring tape tacked onto it and a device to help monitor whether you are level with the front of the house.



This is me with my wall! 20151227_122131


This is the back wall.



Each weekend we laid brick, we knew we were getting closer and closer to being done. It’s hard taking on such a large project such as brick work. My dad had never done a brick foundation before and he didn’t know how time consuming it would be. He had always poured concrete pads in the past. However, it is rewarding to see all of those brick perfectly stacked on top of each other.


This is my dad working on the outside of the house. If you look to right you see a gap. This gap will be used for a door. We have to have a crawl space under the house.




My husband and dad started to get tired of cold lunches and sandwiches. So they decided that they would bring a microwave to the job site. I must say, having a hot lunch makes a big difference in your motivation!


Sometimes mom would do tractor work while we laid bricks. She was busy getting the area ready for the well.


Here is the brick pile and a view of how far we would walk with the bricks.





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