Becoming a Teacher

I have been molding into a teacher my entire life, I just never knew it. At a young age, I wanted to love school. I tried to do my very best, I tried to stop talking, I tried my hardest to read, but something about school never worked for me. I constantly was told that I was behind, that I was unable to read, that my test scores were below average, and that I needed to stop socializing and start learning. As I reached middle school, I started to dislike going to school altogether.

As I started to apply to colleges and begin my life, my dad suggested that I go to school to become a teacher. I was appalled! I remember exactly what I said. “Why would I spend my entire life at school, just to go work at one?” Working at a school, the same place I failed at my entire childhood, seemed to be about the dumbest thing my dad had ever suggested. I took my own path in college and learned about something I was passionate about, Business. While I felt as though I was following the path I had chosen, little did I know, I was still on the path to becoming a teacher.

Even though my younger schooling years were disappointing, I still had a passion to learn deep, down inside. This inner desire has gotten me to where I am today. I am so grateful that I had an inner passion to learn and succeed because without it, I would not be who I am today. While I went to college, I started working at the Children’s Center on campus. I loved being with the babies and small children. Watching them learn and grow was so exciting. The time I spent at that job showed me that my father was right, I needed to become a teacher.  I had to become a teacher to help those children who felt like I did when I was little. I wasn’t going to work at a school and be a failure like I was a child; I was going to work at school to pick up the beaten down kids and give them the support I never had.

All of the good and bad teachers were molding me into the teacher I was suppose to become. All of the negative experiences I had to endure, happened so I knew what it felt like to be mistreated by a teacher. I think of those experiences often and use them to shape the type of teacher I want to be for my students. I believe that I can grow into a better teacher everyday, maybe even better by the hour. Teachers who think that they know it all are not the type of people I want to work for or with. I say “people” because they are not truly educators. Educators who stop learning and developing are not educators anymore.

My philosophy is simple: If I expect my students to learn, change, grow, accept new concepts, and become better people, I must do the same thing in return.


This is my driving philosophy and it will guide me through my teaching career. I have a goal book that is filled with goals and aspirations I have. This is what keeps me on track and my focus clear. I will continue my education and become a better teacher and a more well rounded person. Being a teacher is a job allows me to learn and grow everyday. I truly enjoy what I do and I love sharing my ideas with other teachers. The more we collaborate, the more the children benefit.


BusyBlackline Teacher is my way of sharing what I do in my class with other teachers. It’s full of ideas for new teachers and veteran teachers. Feel free to search around to learn more about my classroom and my personal life.