The Floor Joist

SO much has happened at the Neypes homestead these last couple of months! The last time I posted about the house it was the beginning of March and we were wrapping up the foundation work. I was beyond relieved when I knew block work would be over! After we laid all of the blocks we had to fill every SINGLE hole with concrete!! This is me half way through one of the longest walls in the house. 20160312_111251.jpg


The system of pouring concrete into every hole was tiring and tedious. I would stand on the scaffolding as my husband and dad brought me buckets of concrete. I would then pour the concrete in the hole. As you can see in the picture, the blocks in the front of the picture have concrete already poured into them. My mom had to take over for me one day because I had to go to a Teachers Pay Teachers meet up in San Diego. She finished the out cove which is the section behind me in the picture.

Once the block work was finally over, we got to start wood work!! Here is our first load of wood from Home Depot!! I was so excited to go to Home Depot and start buying something  other than concrete!



Here is my dad setting up the middle beam for the floor. This beam may appear to hold all the weight of the house, but it actually does not. It is just there as a formality. The house does not actually rely on it in any way. The weight of the house will be distributed to the block walls. 20160319_130001 2.jpg

This picture shows the beams in the dining room and living room.



These beams are known as the floor joist. They will be the base of the first story.

In this picture Matt is putting the seal plate around the entire house. This is what the floor joist will be nailed to on the outside. There is a foam piece of material underneath the wood to help prevent bugs and other things from getting under the house. 20160319_125951.jpg


Watching the wood work begin has been rewarding and long awaited.


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  1. So proud of you and Matt building your own house it will be so rewarding for you both when your done. Enjoy . Love you guys love uncle Eric and auntie Stephanie


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