The First Floor

The moment many of you (and my family) have been waiting for is here….

The first floor of the house has been built! Our construction project has been in full swing! Every single weekend we work on the house. We have been building the house since September 2015, when we got our permit. My father has been teaching everything he knows to my husband, Matt, and he has been learning so much!



This was the first official wall we stood! It was a long, rainy day, but we did not let that stop us. We had just finished laying all the plywood flooring and we didn’t want to go home without standing our first wall. We were all tired, wet, and cold. While we were cranky as we built it, we were all very happy once we stood it.


Matt and I with the first wall we built together.


The next day, we were able to get more work done. We built the walls for the kitchen.


If you look to the right of the photo below you will see rebar on the ground in a grid. One weekend Matt and I cut and tied all that rebar. Matt will be pouring more concrete and we will have a concrete foundation in the garage.


The next wall we built was the one separating the kitchen from the living room. Then we built the wall that runs down the length of the house. 20160418_073120.jpgIMG_0828.JPGIMG_0829.JPG

Another amazing sunset at Camp Neypes.


The view from the kitchen window.


Here is the entire first floor framed.


Mom, Dad, and I built a really neat pantry. It has an angled wall and is not a boring rectangle. I can’t wait to see it all done with a cute, little glass door.


Unfortunately, we had to continue more concrete work. We didn’t take any pictures of Matt pouring concrete, but here I am finishing the concrete Matt poured.


The house from street view.



Matt and I will always have these memories to look back on when we are old. Although it may feel like we are sacrificing a lot in the present, thinking of the fantastic future we will have makes it all worth it.