The Floor Joist Part 2

The previous post showed the prep work behind putting the floor joist in place. First, we had to complete a seal plate around the entire house and we had to have three beams running down the middle of the house. Once these things were completed, we got to start putting 2×6’s in place. Here is a picture from under the house in the future kitchen. Each 2×6 board has a metal bracket holding it in place.


Here is a photo afar that was taken when half the kitchen was done.




Once all the floor joist where in place we got to lay the plywood floor. The house really started to take shape at this point!


My job this day was to nail down all the plywood. We had to have a nail every 6 inches. I am getting really good at swinging the hammer again! The metal rods you see sticking up behind me are the ones that we placed in the foundation at the very beginning. We will stand the walls on these metal rods and the house will be bolted down all the way to the concrete.


My father and husband were working on the pipe that will have electrical wire in it. They needed to make sure it was in the correct position for when we stand walls.



A beautiful sunset before the plywood was laid down.Getting to this point was really something else because we had worked so hard to get this far. Watching the house come together is such an exciting feeling.