The Second Floor

I have been out of school for 3 weeks now. My mother, husband, and I have been working on the house nearly everyday. Some days have been very hot, but the payoff of standing a wall is worth it. It only took about 2 weeks for us three to frame the entire upstairs. We really had a good system down and we stood roughly 20 walls. The reason the number is so high is because the upstairs has bedrooms, closets and bathrooms. My fathers goal before we got out of school was to finish the plywood on the actual floor. We nearly met that goal but we had some pieces to finish when we got out of school.

Here is a photo from the second floor. I am sitting on a chair overlooking the view. At this point, we were still in school and we had only laid plywood in the front room. The large open gap on the right is the stairwell.


I can’t wait to watch that sunset every single night!

Sometimes we take our dogs Buster and Burgh to the property. We take them on days we know they will be safe. Buster is on the left and Burgh is on the right.


Here is the first wall we stood on the second floor. This wall is a 2×6 wall. This means the studs are larger and the wall is a bit heavier. We built this wall in two pieces in order to be able to lift it safely. The reason it is larger is because it will have plumbing running through it. Matt and Dad are making sure the wall is secure, while mom and I frame the second half. When we frame a wall we first draw out where all the studs will go. The studs have to be 16 inches on center, every 16 inches.


After we framed that wall we started to work our way to the front of the house. Here is the view from the shed.





Here is mom standing a wall all by herself! She was building the hallway closet.



This is the master bedroom. At this point, only the exterior walls are built. IMG_0867.JPG

My mom is standing in the now complete master bedroom looking out into the upstairs living space.


This is the view looking down the hallway next to the stair well.


This is our nearly completed second story. In this photo we had not built all the closets and bathrooms yet.