Just Indian Book Launch Weekend Recap


Just Indian was my first published book and along with my first published book came a book launch. I decided to make my book launch party a weekend affair. It started out on Friday evening, July 1st. My mom rented the plaza down by the lake in the community we live in. It was a comfortable, cool evening and I could have not asked for more.


I had been planning a book launch in the back of my mind ever since the text of the book had been completely edited. The picture above, it the title of my book printed on a canvas. I used a paint stand to hold it up. The flowers and mason jar are from my wedding. When throwing your first book launch, you have to frugal with spending. I wanted to have a celebration, but at the same time, I just invested in numerous copies of my book and have paid for booths in book fairs.


Another great investment I made was this adorable sign. While the flash made it have a bit of a glare, the colors are vibrant and writing is eye catching. I will take this sign with me to book readings and book fairs. It says “Today, author Jackie Neypes reads…Just Indian”.


One of my biggest supporters through this navigation of firsts is my mom. She has helped me plan my book launch, invest in books, and helped me with ideas when I reach out to potential stores that could carry my book.


My table set up was easy, quick, and cost effective. I bought those gold stands and the gold frames at the Dollar Tree. I had images of my book printed to place in the frames and then I wrote important information on the glass with an expo marker. This one was used for pricing. The table cloth was from Amazon. I put all of these goodies into one large tote bag. That way I know where everything is and it makes for an easy set up.

Day 2 was on Saturday, July 2nd. I rented a booth at the Anza Days Parade that is held in my town each year. Since I had the large tote ready, set up was a breeze. I spent the entire the day by my booth sharing my book with passer byers, friends, and family. It was a surreal day and the entire experience was wonderful. DSC08242.jpg