The Completed Framing

July was a heat-waved, sweaty, clear sky month. As of this week we completed framing the house. Last time I left off, the house looked like this:



We are far beyond that now. From this point, my husband and father started cutting and building rafters. They started in bedroom two at the front of the house. Cutting rafters was a job left to my dad. It must be done in a particular way and it must be exact. There are also a lot of angle cuts that can be dangerous with a power saw. He created himself a pattern and cut every rafter off of that pattern. There were three different types of patterns to make in all. The ones on the left side of the house, the ones on the right side of the house over the master bedroom and then the ones that prop out in front of the garage.



This is the view from the shed.


Once the rafters were all installed, they had to do a plywood base. This plywood base took about 3 days for them to complete. One day, our buddy came to help and they got a lot done.


Here I am painting the eves. They were attached to the outriggers of the rafters. They are pieces of the wood that stick straight out to create the eves of the roof. We picked a gray.


Here they are installing the painted eves.



These are the outriggers that the painted eves are attached to.


Here is a close up of the rafters from down below.


Here are some photos from around the house.

So, the house is completely framed and we will be moving on to the guts of the house. The next steps are to wire the power and lights, add rough plumbing, and air ducts for the heater and air conditioner. We have started the basics of all these steps, but they are next on the list to officially complete.

Here are my parents, who are making this all possible!




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