The Plumbing, Electrical, and Air Ducts

With the house completely framed, we are on the downhill ride of building this house. While there have been many challenging weekends, it will soon all pay off. Building the house and getting to this point has taken dedication, perseverance, and trust in God’s plan. I must say I questioned Him a lot through this process. Why are we doing this? Why is it so hard? Will it ever be done?! As I reflect back onto stacking those cynder blocks, in that freezing cold weather, I am very grateful for where we are today.

The weather is starting to cool off and I had to dig my overall pants back out. After this very hot summer, I was glad to be back in pants. Let me show you how the house is shaping up. These pictures are from the inside of the house and you can start to see the layout of the future house.

In this picture, I am on the first floor looking forwards the kitchen. You can see plumbing running up the wall. That plumbing is for the upstairs bathroom and the upstairs laundry room.


In the next image, I am looking up at the ceiling from the same spot as the previous picture. Here you can see the air ducts.


When you head upstairs, you walk into an upstairs living space. In that space you get a peak at our amazing view through a 4×4 window.


When you turn around you see the laundry room. Right now we have medium ladder in it. As you can see it will be a nice size laundry room.


Off of the upstairs living area, you will find my master bedroom. Here is my dad working in the master bedroom on the air ducts he was installing. My dad build the air duct system himself.


Here are some pictures of the master bath. We are going to have tub on one side and a stand up shower on the other side. You can see the red and blue pex plumbing lines. These are for the hot and cold water.


In the next two pictures you can see the air ducts in the rafters. You can also see white electrical and blue light boxes. All of the electrical installation was done by me. My mom went through and made sure the wires were ready for hook up. She had to strip them and tie them together.


Here is Matt and I working on Labor Day weekend. We started building the house one year ago. We are getting near the end of our construction project and can’t wait to see it all come together. The next steps are to add roofing, siding, and windows.