Native American Heritage Month

Hello All!

November is Native American Heritage month and it is always a focus in my classroom. When lesson planning for Native History it is so important to focus on the facts and steer clear of the stereotypes that seem to loom over Native Culture this time of year.

I highly suggest this book for ANYONE! While it may say “for Kids” I can advise you that if you know little to nothing about the Native culture this is a great start. I have been lesson planning with this book for 4 years now and it is such a great foundation to understanding Native History.

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Keep in mind that this month is about Native Heritage and that heritage of each tribe is different and unique. If you live near any reservations, reach out to local Tribal Office and get more information about your local tribe.

Here is a link to the current 566 federally recognized tribes in America.

Post with any questions you may have about Native American Heritage Month.