The Exterior

I have not posted about the house since September! As we bring 2016 to a close it is amazing to reflect back on all the progress we have made on the house. The last time I posted about the house, the house looked somewhat like this…


In this picture you can see that my husband and father have roofed the house. My husband is standing at the top of the house showing off his amazing work. The roof is multicolored shingles.

I am so excited to share the progress with the house with you today. To begin with, we had to wrap the house in Tyvek house wrap. This is a weather barrier for the house.


My father invested in pump jacks in order to work on the second floor. The pump jacks are the tall post you see in the front of the house. In this picture they are bolted onto the side of the house, but later on you will see that they are mounted to the top of the house so that they do not block any portion of the house.

Here is a close up of the Tyvek wrap, window, and grey trim work. That is my mother in the picture, who made sure that all of the windows were installed straight.


This day we had a whole palette of hardie board delivered to the house. This is what we used for the siding on the house.



In order to make life easier, we painted the siding on that palette as it was hung. So the green color you see is not primer, it is the actual color of the house.




Here are the first few pieces of siding that we hung!


As I took a break and went to take in all the hard we had accomplished, my mom snapped this awesome picture. I am sitting on the rock and Matt is sitting on the pump jack scaffolding.


Here is the sunset to the end of the perfect day…




This is the day I decided to try to get on the pump jacks. I lasted about a whole 5 minutes…


This is my husband sitting at the back of the house.



Here is the house from afar at a high point on the property.


Here is my husband, dog, and myself on Christmas Day in front of the closed up house!





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