Book Reading at Idyllwild Library


Over Thanksgiving break, I was able to host a book reading of Just Indian at the Idyllwild Library. The experience was a learning curve and I am glad to have such a supportive community. The event took place in the front room of library on a rainy day.


I had a small turnout and I was able to answer some really great questions. Here are two questions that stuck out to me during my Q&A.

What inspired you to write the story Just Indian?

My inspiration started back in college. I had a dream about a lake with huge boulders in the water. When I did some research on my dream, I found out I was dreaming about Whale Beach, Lake Tahoe. Later, after I moved back to Anza, I was inspired by my students. This inspiration turned into an ongoing dream and the dreams revealed the story I was to write. I wrote the story to inspire my students to find who they are and to realize that they all have a special gift to give the world.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Originally when I was asked this question, I said that I had no idea I was ever going to be a writer. However, after the event, my mother reminded me about how I always talked about writing stories when I was little. When she said that, it reminded me about a little journal I had when I was little and I would fill it with poetry. My dream of being a writer was always there, but my adult mind was setting limits on my abilities, which made me think that I never thought about becoming an author.


I would love to do my Library book reads. If you know anyone who would like to schedule a book reading and signing please let them know I am available and pass along the information.