Human Body Fun

One of my favorite units to teach in any grade is the Human Body Systems!!

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I like to start the unit around September, so that when we get into October we can make a lot of fun human body art projects for Halloween. I like the kids to have meaning behind their art projects and get excited about what they are creating. Giving them the background information allows them to truly understand the art they are creating. A lot of my art projects come from my searches on Pinterest and from my favorite set of books: Scholastic Monthly Idea Books.


October has a lot of Skeleton crafts and February has a lot of realistic heart crafts.

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Anyways, back to the Human Body. For first grade I went through and created a unit that goes over the body systems and is like an introduction to Health Science. The body systems I cover are:

Eyes and Ears

Skeletal System

Digestive System

Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Muscular System

Nervous System

The unit takes about 3 weeks to complete and can compliment a lot of different resources. I use the science textbook that my school provides, but you could use a variety of videos, clips, images, and books that would compliment the worksheets.

My students have been really engaged and excited about our science time. Many of them are looking on the board to see what time science is because they are so excited to learn about the Human Body.




I’m really proud of this unit because I hand drew most of the images. ( I did not want to attempt drawing a skeleton so I used clipart from TeachersPayTeachers.. LOL) But the rest of the images are my own hand drawn images.

You can find my body unit on my TeachersPayTeachers Store for only $4.95!