Why Blackline Masters?

The idea behind BusyBlackline Teacher comes from my need for economical and realistic lesson plans. All of my worksheets are in black and white because I like to have blackline masters in my file cabinet so that I have a collection of ideas and resources. I dislike sorting through mega files with color on one page and black and white on another.

Creating my worksheets in black and white ensure that other teachers are able to use the worksheets right away. I want my customers to be ready to go to the copier once they have acquired my product. That way we spend less time hassling with the computer and more time teaching.

The other great thing about blackline masters is that you get to add your own flare to the worksheets. You can have them enlarged into posters and then color them how you wish. Or you can also color my worksheets and get them laminated. Blackline masters allow you to give the worksheets your personal touch.

The only color you will see are in on my Title pages, Instruction pages, Credits, and on TpT the Preview file. I just use a splash of color so that my products are eye catching.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.31.21 PM.png


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